White Shirt Vibes

White Shirt Vibes

White shirt vibes

You could never have white shit. A white shirt is one of the items for the capsule wardrobe. It needs to be changed after a year or two depending on how often it is been worn and the washing process that it goes through. There is nothing as classy as a white Chrystal shirt. It does something to your confidence. You feel like you can conquer the world with a clean and Chrystal white shirt.

The beauty of a white shirt is that it can go from office to a smart casual event depending on the cart of the shirt. Pair it with black, navy or grey skirt or pants for that formal work event. It also works very well with a suit, blazer or coat on those cold winter days.

For the weekend look, it can be paired tucked in with some torn denim and a blazer and some high pair of heels. For the real relaxed look, it can be paired loose with some denim and some flats on sneakers. My new favorite look is the one with a dungaree. To dope and some sneakers or heals just for control (The last statement might not make sense if you are outside South Africa) But people from South Africa understands it very well.

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