About Us

Classy couture is brand owned by a South African village girl who moved to the city for greener pastures.Deep down inside she is still that village girl trying to adapt to the city life .Her identity is in the village and very inspired by the Tswana culture.How in the village it is always preached for a women dress or skirt should be below the knee.We still today practice that in our designs but not judging anyone skirt or dress length as we can coexist with a short or long or midi dress in this beautiful thing called life.

The company was started by selling vintage clothes and the designs and quality of vintage clothes were too beautiful to just share it to one client.We decided to start a range which will be influenced by the good quality fabrics and classy designs of vintage clothing . This designs will be worn to a wedding,office ,dinner,funeral and interview The focus will be the women who struggle to get beautiful clothes that understand her beautiful African body which is small at the top and bottom with curves and hips . The aim of Classy couture is to emphasize to women that you are Beautiful at any shape .Beauty comes from within.

As we progress with our journeys we noticed that more and more women want to embrace their African print but don’t want to buy a African print dress that they will only wear it at the traditional event but will want to wear it at the office without feeling too over dressed and still also be able to go to the mall with the same dress .We then created our African Prin range with has a tint of African print but still focusing on vintage inspired design which uses good quality print.This journeys is a beautiful journey.What really makes us happy is when we get feedback that say I was the star of the event in my classy couture number.Some ladies say I have never felt so beautiful in a long time after my weight gain.Our response is always mission accomplished. Classy ladies keeps on coming back for more because they feel at home